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Mein Senf zu allem

My own song

Even the world is so crazy

I love it

Even the mankind ist so cruel and absolutely disgusting

I love it

Cos I’m part of it

I love the birds and the cats and the dogs and the sun

I love the trees and the sky

I don’t love hate and war

Not at all

But I love to learn a little bit more

about life

So I am grateful about everything

Even the bad thing

and the good thing of course

Nothing else can happen to me

And of course I will be dead once

Maybe very soon

And I love this too

To be dead must be great

Part of all and everything

You may say I am crazy

And you are right

It’s great to be crazy

Everybody will sooner or later be like that

Thats our goal

So let us be crazy together

Makes more fun

We will never regret about that


Because I will not regret about anything at all

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